Commercial Fleets

Commercial Fleets 

Whether you manage transportation for the sales team, or utility vehicles for the grounds crew, Union has you covered. We offer many services that any fleet would ever need. And you’ll have a dedicated account manager to help you throughout the entire lifecycle of each lease.

We have a myriad of customizable offerings and products designed to fit your specific needs; financial and logistical planning services, short and long term fleet management services, and remarketing services to ensure you get the most value out of each individual vehicle. 

 Our Specialty Areas of Expertise

Fleet Management
If your sales departments, service team, and/or C-level executives need transportation, we can acquire it or just manage yours. We offer a variety of fleet management services and can help reduce your maintenance costs. You can contact us and one of our experts will work with you to revolutionize your workweek.

Truck Fleet Management
We provide everything from SUVs to light- and medium-duty truck fleets, to short term truck rentals. Plus we have the expertise to help you lease and manage them with minimal expense and hassle. If your work requires a more rugged form of transportation, we’re your partner.

Rental Car Fleet Management
Rental car companies love Union Leasing, because we manage their fleets so they can focus on their customers. If you manage a rental car company, let us show you how partnering with us makes good business sense.