Fleet Management

Fleet Management

We take a holistic approach to your business by offering a comprehensive menu of integrative fleet services throughout the entire lifecycle of your fleet, including planning consultation, leasing, operation, and remarketing. We help you leverage your fleet dollars in exchange for the service options that will make your job easier. Most importantly, along with all our services, we provide ongoing guidance and support.

Click on any stage of fleet management below to find out how our expertise can serve you throughout the lifecycle of your fleet. Start at the top for insight into our strategic and customized approach to your leasing program, or skip down to Operations if you want help managing your existing fleet.  


It’s all about you. At Union Leasing, we take pride in making sure every lease agreement is structured to your optimal benefit. To that end, we have a very thorough process and take the time to carefully assess your fleet needs, including an analysis of leasing versus ownership, and fleet size assessments. We also review your financial goals, and help you see how your needs will evolve throughout the life of your lease. Finally, we assist with end-of-lease planning and remarketing.

If leasing options and financing strategies are new to you, we will make sure you have a good working knowledge before we move forward, to enhance your decision-making ability and everyone’s comfort level.

To learn more about various aspects of planning services, click any of the links below to obtain our data sheets:

Already own your own fleet? We can offer you many fleet management service options to boost your bottom line and simplify your workflow. See our complete list of customizable services, then let us know how we can shorten your To Do list.


Flexibility means financing on your terms. At Union Leasing we avoid off-the-shelf solutions, and instead work with you to tailor a lease service that accommodates your specific fleet, your financial requirements and the way you wish to work with us.

Whether you are managing a fleet for a corporationrental car company, or have short term/seasonal truck rental needs we will explore options that optimize your financial picture throughout the life of your lease. We can help you stabilize your cash flow, offer unlimited mileage, facilitate remarketing and provide a lease that spans a certain number of years to accommodate your bidding process.

We’ll make sure you understand the difference between open-end and closed-end leasing so you can make the best choice for your fleet. Should you opt for the more popular open-end lease, you’ll need to weigh the benefits of fixed vs. float financing before making any final decisions. We are happy to assist and guide you along the way.

We also offer a Purchase Program to provide you with all the benefits of a comprehensive Union Leasing fleet management service package, even if you should opt to purchase your fleet rather than lease.

If you already own your fleet, our complete list of customizable fleet management services is available to help you boost your bottom line and simplify your workflow.


Whether you choose to lease from Union Leasing or own your own vehicles, the operational services you select for your fleet management program will be delivered with integrity and care. We are here to help you execute all the day-to-day aspects of fleet management, from driver background checks, to minimizing disruption and expense when vehicle repairs are needed, to maintaining accurate tax, title, and registration records. Click here for a complete list of customizable services, then let us know how many ways you’d like us to help you save time and money.


We don’t miss an opportunity to boost your bottom line, and end-of-lease decisions have a significant impact. That’s why we look all the way down the road to the end of your lease as early as the initial planning stages. The resale market changes from year to year and every situation is unique; we evaluate remarketing on a case-by-case, vehicle-by-vehicle basis. We consider year, make, model, condition, mileage, location, and supply/demand before offering you a recommendation. We employ upstream remarketing strategies in anticipation of lease expiration, so the vehicle may be sold immediately upon lease conclusion.

Possibilities include established processes through many channels: 

  • Employee sales programs are the perfect solution for many corporate customers, with benefits ranging from enhanced morale to company asset protection.
  • New and used car dealers often put in the highest bids for customer resales.
  • Our resale network includes 200 live auctions nationwide with motivated bidders.
  • On-line auctions attract buyers from all over the US via the Internet.

For those who own their vehicles, we can act as your remarketing agent, giving you access to our vast network of resale prospects.