Fleet Driver Management Solutions

Managing your drivers’ day-to-day activity is time-consuming and a drain on your resources. At Union Leasing, we provide safety programs, driver apps and services that keep your team of drivers well-informed, safe, and compliant. By streamlining administrative efforts and mitigating risk, you reduce costs. Our complete fleet driver solutions can take a load off your mind and give you the chance to focus on growing your business. Read on to learn more about the services we can provide to ensure your people are responsible, efficient, and effective on the road.

Safety Program

The best risk management program starts with doing all you can to prevent accidents in the first place. Keep your drivers’ knowledge and skills current with ongoing online classes. We can assist you in selecting from a wide range of fleet driver safety training courses available across all vehicle types and driving situations.

Driver App

The myDriverLink portal and app allow your drivers to easily access and record information on their fleet vehicles, company policy, and fleet mileage tracking. They integrate with myFleetLink to help you with tax compliance information and mileage data capture.

A dedicated line just for drivers, our call center can answer questions or provide assistance while they're on the road or in the office. If it's urgent, that's okay, too. Our call center advisors have direct access to all functional leaders so you get the answers you need quickly. Drivers can reach the Call Center at 1-800-694-7894.

Driver Call Center

If left unpaid, parking and moving fees can escalate and possibly delay the registration and renewal process. To ensure violations are paid on time, we send notifications to both drivers and fleet managers. Should the violation remain unpaid after a second notification, we'll pay the fees to avoid late charges and higher violation fees.

Parking & Moving Violations Management

Emergency Roadside Assistance

A 24/7 emergency program provides peace of mind, protects your drivers from harm, and keeps your drivers and vehicles on the road. Our commercial fleet roadside assistance solution is comprehensive and covers the full range of emergencies, like running out of gas, lockouts, flats, and other repairs.

Toll Violation & Transponder Management

Toll mistakes happen. Accounts go negative, transponders malfunction, or a driver uses the wrong lane. That's where we can help. We safeguard against costly violations and penalty fees related to tolls with fleet management service. Managing transponders as your fleet vehicles come and go can also be daunting, so our Upass Transponder program does all the work for you.