Fuel Management Program

The cost of fuel is one of the biggest variables to your bottom line. That’s why managing those costs is one of your biggest priorities – which is why it’s also one of ours. At Union Leasing, we’re here to help you improve all aspects of your fuel management by streamlining business expenses, decreasing administration, and improving your reporting and analytics. After all, the more you know, the more you can do to make your business run better.

Our Fuel Management Program does a lot more than just help manage fuel costs. It also helps make your job easier. Accessing near real-time data provides you with critical visibility to transaction activity, history, and purchase details, so you can manage your fuel card spend while lightening the administration workload.

Fuel Management

Union Leasing Fuel Management Program

The Union Leasing Fuel Program offers you:

  • Universal acceptability
  • Ability to set usage parameters
  • User accountability
  • Cost control
  • Security
  • On-line reporting tools

This Fuel Card not only makes your job easier. It makes your business run better.

The Union Leasing Fuel Card gives your drivers the freedom to get fuel at just about every gas establishment in the United States. All they have to do is swipe and go. For managers, it offers a long list of spending controls and analytics that give you everything you need to manage your fuel costs, right at your fingertips.

Use the card to:

  • Track spending
  • Specify vendors with whom you have preferred rates
  • Use electronic purchasing for non-routine, one-time, and emergency purchases while retaining overall controls
  • Set rules for different transactions through one point of control
  • Avoid excessive issuing of purchase orders

You can define all the parameters of the card’s usage, setting spending criteria and security to suit your business. For example, the cards can be assigned to vehicles, drivers, or multiple drivers so that they can’t be used by other parties or for vehicles you haven’t approved. You can also control precisely what can be purchased, such as gas only or gas plus certain expenses.
And if you do want to make changes, or ask questions, just call our dedicated customer service center any time, day or night.

Doesn’t that make your life easier?

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