Fleet Maintenance Update: Servicing your Vehicle during the Pandemic

Throughout this pandemic, the Automotive Service Centers have remained open for business, with the goal to help Union Leasing service companies’ fleets of vehicles. If you weren’t already aware, fleet vehicle maintenance and repair is one of the highest expense categories for fleets. You may have questions about how this process is working during these unprecedented times. This piece will give you the answers you need. Our partnered vendors, and we as your fleet management provider, are doing all that we can to make sure your company, your employees and your vehicles get the service you need, safely.

What our partners are doing…

Despite the crisis, most Automotive Service Centers have remained open for business and are offering “Curb Side” and “Touch-less” services. It has been extremely important to our partnered vendors that our fleet partners feel safe. They are also following strict social distancing and cleanliness guidelines, while still offering your fleet the maintenance and service needed.

These measures have resulted in a positive impact to the overall experience at your local shops. The following steps have made the fleet customer feel more at ease:

  • If you do not want to get out of the car, you can pull the vehicle in yourself.
  • Employees will wear gloves and masks, as well as putting seat covers and steering wheel covers on while inside the vehicle, if leaving the car is necessary.
  • A thorough disinfection and sanitize of all frequently touched surfaces within the vehicle will be done after service is completed.

Their promise is that, as well as the maintenance required, the interior of the car will be cleaner and safer once you leave the shop. Many maintenance and repair shops are also offering touch-less drop-offs for extra care, as well as working towards contact-less payments. This is where the customer will be able to pay via a mobile app, therefore negating the need to enter the store.

What Union Leasing is doing…

Although things are difficult at this time, Union Leasing is continuing to give you the best possible care we can. Our operations guidelines have not changed since the pandemic began. We are still available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our Maintenance Call Center, and have made the seamless transition to working from home to follow government guidelines.

Our promise is to continue to deliver our best in class service. We are in constant communications with our fleet partners and vendors in case anything happens to impact the maintenance and repair routine of your fleet program.

We hope you found this update informative. If you think your vehicle may need some maintenance and or repairs, here is a link to our Vendor Look-up page to find a shop near you. We do highly recommend calling the facility prior to arrival for business hours and appointments.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate by phone, email or whatever is convenient for you.