Pieces of the Product – Maintenance


When you partner with Union Leasing as your fleet management provider, our goal is to take the hassles of repairing and maintaining your vehicles, while maximizing cost savings, off your plate. Some of the biggest headaches that fleets come across are vehicles being down due to a repair or making sure drivers have scheduled maintenance performed at recommended intervals. This is where Union Leasing’s Maintenance program comes in.

Our Maintenance Team – Certified and Trusted

To us, it’s not enough to be just a leasing company that gets you the vehicles you want for your employees, the goal is to also assure those employees stay productive by limiting unnecessary downtimes. Maintaining productivity is why our Maintenance department is so crucial.

As you know, all relationships rely on trust and with our Maintenance team, building trust with our clients is first and foremost. Union’s Maintenance team consists of ASE Certified advisors with years of experience, both under-the-hood as well as in the Fleet Management industry, and can be called upon 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to give accurate answers and advice to the questions you may have. Their sole purpose is to  not only offer solutions and guidance on repairs, but also mitigate unnecessary services to help you manage your fleet more efficiently and economically. Your trust in our team, along with providing world class customer service, is incredibly important to us, which will become clear once interacting with the team.

We realize that driver downtime equates to lost productivity and our advisors take that very seriously. Union’s Maintenance Call Center prides itself at having some of the lowest call wait times in the industry, which translates into getting your drivers back on the road as quickly as possible. Be it for a maintenance service or roadside tire change, our Maintenance team is committed to getting your drivers back on the road safely and quickly.

Our Service Providers

Our nationwide network of service centers is over 20,000 locations strong with locations from coast to coast, including Alaska and Hawaii. In addition to this, we understand that some drivers may not be near one of these locations, so we can work with any repair facility that may be near them. We can also assist them in locating a facility that will best service the issues they may be experiencing. This is just another example of how the Union Maintenance program puts your company, and your drivers, first.


As you might expect, fleet technology is large part of how we run and communicate with our partners. That’s why when you sign up for our maintenance program, you receive a multitude of information through our unique-to-the-industry app, MyDriverLink. This frequently updated tool gives you and your drivers access to a wide array of information including a location-based repair shop locator a vendor look-up tool, just to name a few.

Why Us?

Aside from our industry experienced and certified advisors, commitment to low driver downtimes, providing world class customer service and the technology we have to offer, what separates us from our competition is our ability to adapt.

Other companies, due to their size or unwillingness to change, will not deviate from their procedures and expect you to follow them. Union Leasing believes your unique situation, creates the solution. We will get to know your fleet and your drivers on a personal level, and work with you to tailor our program to your fleet while maximizing your cost savings.

But How?

Since our advisors have experience working in maintenance shops themselves, they know the cost of repairs and the marketplace that is involved. It’s this experience that allows us to know if you’re being overcharged for any repairs or un-needed maintenance services are being performed or suggested. In addition, we always keep in mind that your vehicle is a part of a fleet which may dictate how, or if, we will recommend if the repair is actually needed…something repair shops would not concern themselves with.

Our customers look to us for advice, and it’s the role of the Maintenance department to get your vehicle back on the road safely without spending a fortune, giving them the distinction of being our “Safe & Save” department.

Our Maintenance team, as a whole, truly demonstrates how Union Leasing is a unique fleet management company. Our commitment to providing trusted advice to our fleets and their drivers, combined with world class customer service and putting our clients first, is what makes Union Leasing unique.

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