May 2023

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MyFleetLink: We’ve added to our established features such as predefined reports, drill down metrics, and year over year comparisons. You can create and subscribe to reports on the insight and metrics that matter to you. Design your home page to manage your KPI’s all in one place. Manage your entire fleet in one spot, tracking mileage, repairs and more.

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MyDriverLink: Our mobile app is more powerful than ever. You can find nearby in network service centers and gas stations. Set reminders for past due preventative maintenance and missing mileage. Keep all your key contacts in one place. Log your mileage directly through the app. Access your insurance card (upload required), registration, maintenance card, and fuel pin.

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We are excited to roll out our Manufacturer Updates Page. This page will supplement our Order and Build Out Dates page with updates as we recieve them.
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Non-luxury brands with the lowest inventory in April were Toyota, Kia and Honda, all with under 30 days supply, followed by Subaru, Hyundai and Volkswagen, all with below-industry average supply. - Graphic: Cox Automotive

More New Vehicle Supply Boosts Sales

New-vehicle inventory closed April up from a month earlier to its highest level in two years, supporting brisk sales, according to Cox Automotive’s analysis of vAuto Available Inventory data released May 11.

Meanwhile, days of supply dipped on higher sales. The average listing price of a new vehicle returned to above $47,000 in April.

The total U.S. supply of available unsold new vehicles stood at 1.9 million units at the end of April, up from a revised 1.89 million at the end of March. Inventory numbers include vehicles available on dealer lots and some in transit. The close of April marked the highest level of supply since April 2021. Supply was up 71% from a year ago, or 790,000 units higher.

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Image for article titled New Jersey Bill Takes a Soft Stand Against In-Car SubscriptionsImage for article titled New Jersey Bill Takes a Soft Stand Against In-Car SubscriptionsImage for article titled New Jersey Bill Takes a Soft Stand Against In-Car Subscriptions

Say goodbye to AM radio: Why carmakers are removing it from new models
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Your next car might be missing a button – the one to switch between AM and FM radio. Car manufacturers are increasingly opting to eliminate AM radio in their new vehicles.

BMW, Mazda, Volvo, Volkswagen and Tesla, among others, have either already removed or plan to remove AM radio from at least some electric models. Ford is going even further, reports the Detroit Free Press, and ditching AM in all new cars – gas or electric.

Car manufacturers typically cite electromagnetic interference as the reason for removing the radios from EVs. Electric motors can interfere with AM radio frequencies, making it sound staticky over the airwaves.

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Debt Ceiling Debate Could Slow Car Sales

Congress is again debating whether to raise the federal government’s borrowing limit to pay past bills. The so-called debt ceiling debate could slow new car shopping until it resolves.

Its outcome could mean anything from a short-term slowdown to a longer-term recession.

The United States government plays almost no role in new car loans, explains Cox Automotive chief economist Jonathan Smoke. But “the last time Congress and the president took us to the brink was in 2011, and consumer confidence fell dramatically and took several months to start to recover.”

New vehicle sales slowed in the 2011 crisis, Smoke notes, “but did not drop dramatically.” That crisis was resolved when Congress increased the debt limit.

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