Summer Driving Tips During Pandemic

As we come into these warmer months, and with the worldwide pandemic becoming a part of our reality, a big part of Union Leasing’s role as a fleet leasing company is to inform you as to how to manage your fleet of vehicles through these tough times, and most importantly keep you safe. With that said, we’ve got some reminders for you and your company cars, now that establishments begin to open and the sun is shining!

First Things First

As always, monitor the mileage intervals of your vehicle and review your Union Leasing Maintenance service schedule. Since air travel has been slowed, its possible you might have been putting more miles on your company cars, and with the warmer weather now here, you’ll want it being checked for any and all issues. Such as…

Fluid Levels

Whether it be transmission, power steering, coolant, windshield washing or brakes, all reservoirs should be full during this time of year. If you come across a leak of any kind, immediately take your vehicle to one of our recommended service locations.

Emergency Kits

Another necessary precaution to take this summer is packing an emergency roadside kit. Whether travelling long distances for work, or taking the family on a summer vacation, make sure you have the following things readily available:

  • A common mistake during summer is accidentally leaving your lights on, so jumper cables are a must.
  • Masks –  as part of our new routine in society
  • As always, a First Aid Kit
  • Cell phone and charger, while not to be used while in the vehicle, as could cause distracted driving.
  • Water for yourself, any passengers as well as the car radiator

Inspect your Engine and other Key Functions

Hot temperatures can also cause blisters or cracks to the internal framework of your vehicle, so whenever possible check your belts, hoses and pressure caps. If anything is noticed, again take your vehicle to one of our recommended service locations.

You also want to make sure that important things like your vehicles air conditioner and tire pressure are at optimal levels. You don’t want to be stuck changing a tire or driving without AC during a humid summers day.

Other Things to Consider due to Pandemic

Pedestrian traffic

Restrictions have lifted, and children are no longer in school. Distracted driving can have more of a life-threatening consequence. Watch for pedestrians and all life out on the road.

Delivery Drivers

There are more trucks on the road right now than every before, serving many communities during this pandemic. While we are extremely thankful for the service they’ve continued to provide during these unprecedented times, we must also be aware of them on the roads.

Hot temps inside and outside the vehicle

When the temperature is rising, make a note of whats in your vehicle. Hand sanitizer, inflammable liquids and more can become problematic if left to bake in the sun. Not to mention the temperature of the road and vehicle itself can be hot to the touch. Try parking your car in the shade wherever possible.

We hope you found this information informative and beneficial.

If you’re already over summer and looking forward to our cooler months returning, you can check out our winter checklist here.

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