4 Key Areas to a More Sustainable Fleet Management Solution

Our world is changing every day, and there are multiple ways to positively impact your fleet. One such way is ensuring we do our part to be environmentally friendly with our fleet of vehicles. In this piece, we will look at ways to build a more sustainable fleet management solutions, and your company’s overall environmental footprint.

In the fleet management industry, and the automotive industry in general, we see a movement toward a more technology-savvy environment every day. It is important for Union Leasing to give you the industry expertise to run your fleet of vehicles effectively, it is also our responsibility to make the solution sustainable and efficient, and we do that through our subject matter experts consulting with you on a viable program unique to your needs today and your needs in the future.

Technology today is giving us opportunities to improve fuel efficiencies. Here’s 4 specific areas that highlight the possibility for a more sustainable fleet management solution:

1. Trusting in Telematics

This growing value-added service within fleet management is one of the main tools we use to run your fleet of vehicles effectively and efficiently. How?

  • Reduces and tracks your vehicles in idle, which generates cost savings on fuel spend. It also limits your maintenance spend on the general wear and tear of your key engine components.
  • Improves your drivers route management, which stops drivers wasting fuel, while increasing driver efficiency and decreasing fuel spend.
  • Promotes driver education and gamification, which teaches correct company habits in a positive reinforcement setting.
  • And in certain cases (mostly in truck leases), it improves the load management of the vehicle. The weight of the vehicle directly impacts fuel expenses, performance of the engines horsepower and safety of the loads carried over our highway systems.

For more information on Telematics, check out our blog series with our telematics partner Azuga entitled Telematic Tuesdays!

2. Monitoring your Maintenance

Along with Telematics, another way to create a more sustainable fleet management solution is to look at your processes when it comes to the maintenance of your vehicles. What does that look like?

  • If you proactively maintaining your vehicle, and continue to run your vehicle optimally, it improves the environment.
  • You could utilize synthetic oils in preventative maintenance services, which not only wastes less oil, but is more biodegradable.
  • Either replacing or at least cleaning your vehicles air filters, allows the engine to breathe and operate more efficiently
  • Regularly checking your vehicles tire pressure ensures that you have a low rolling resistance, which will improve fuel consumption.

These are just a few ways to make your fleet more sustainable through vehicle Maintenance. To learn about Union Leasing’s Maintenance department and processes, see the following articles:

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3. Powertrain Technologies

Do you want to make your vehicles more sustainable?  If you took the time to create a specific replacement cycle – why not match that same cycle with a sustainable footprint that impacts the environment too? Union Leasing can guide you through this the analysis and create a customizable process. This will look at ways to improve the vehicles total cost of ownership as well as operate more efficiently. Our analysis can consider Alternative Fuel vehicles like Bio Diesel options, or an Electric Vehicle, or a Hybrid Vehicle.

Furthermore, what technological features are the manufacturers showcasing now? Features such as auto stop/start, 6, 8 and 10 speed transmissions as well as adaptive cruise control systems. All these features can be discussed or tested further by reaching out to your FMC and analyze the ROI for your fleet of vehicles.  Let us research and see which options can have a pivotal role in the success of your fleet moving forward.

4. Vehicle Selection and Analysis

The final way to transition to a more sustainable fleet is selecting the right vehicle to begin with. Think about the type of vehicle you need for your business…is there only one option? You could also consider your engine size options. Can a turbo charged V6 engine, give you the horsepower, pay load and towing capabilities that a traditional V8 offers, while still provide you with significant fuel economy and overall improved lifecycle? Research each manufacturer and models’ options, as some of the vehicles you’ve previously leased may now have additional possibilities for meeting or exceeding your fuel efficiency goals.

While we hope you found this piece informative, we know it may be overwhelming. Just remember:

You Don’t Have to Manage This Alone

A fleet management company like Union Leasing can examine your fleet needs and offer comprehensive telematics solutions, to help you strategically pinpoint the exact usage of your vehicles. We can provide reports on how to maximize routes, compare drivers, identify poor fuel consumption and make sure you have the right vehicles for the business application. Additionally, this kind of tracking is scalable as your fleet grows. Furthermore, we can leverage not only our internal team but our relationships with shops around the country. This will ensure you get the right maintenance for your vehicles. We can provide technology that  may make your fleet management experience easier, and will of course assist you in the vehicle selection process.

For more information about how Union Leasing can make your life easier, hit the “Get in Touch” button on the right of the page!